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The conclusion off marriages is followed closely by an abundance of traditions and you may tradition

The conclusion off marriages is followed closely by an abundance of traditions and you may tradition

I have here a mirror of first primitive public relationships, a time period of changeover from maternal so you can paternal, if the maternal nearest and dearest was bought back not simply by girl, but also of the the lady girls and boys

The newest Mongolian lama or shaman features played a crucial role during the fixing matrimony issues. Eg, men born around of tiger you will definitely wed a woman produced in the year of hare. The alternative statement was not enjoy, whilst is actually believed that in this situation, the guy could not be the lead of the household members. Lama plus determined the pleased time and you will time of the relationships and did a wedding.

This new bride’s moms and dads together with bridegroom up until the relationship decided on the amount of the new ransom (kalym) on the bride-to-be and sized the latest dowry, delivered from the bride. Along with the kalym, brand new groom’s dad provided good yurt on the younger couples and the new bride’s father a rope to install the brand new yurt and all sorts of the within decor. Brand new Kalym had an important legal advantages; people created in marriage in place of fee regarding kalym was noticed illegal, that belong merely to mom.

The fresh new Mongolian matrimony method is made by groom’s moms and dads. The fresh new bride to be was assigned to a separate tent in which good special ceremony happened to complete the woman feminine hairdo and place with the ladies’ clothes, upcoming she try brought to the Yurt of the groom’s moms and dads, where she performed children ritual you to consists of lights the fireplace to your groom’s moms and dads; simply upcoming, she was experienced a person in the woman partner’s loved ones. Considering traditions, she ought not to enjoys seated off in the event that this lady stepfather and earlier husbands were reputation. Regarding the lady father-in-law’s yurt, she showed up, copying on door, flipping the girl face on people that was resting on yurt. On exposure from the lady partner, she are only able to become lead covered along with full ladies clothing. She couldn’t sleep-in an excellent yurt together with them. Such, a lady has received a great amount of debt imposed on her behalf partner’s members of the family and you may family relations.

From the Mongolian family unit members, it is a great patriarchy where in actuality the ancestry could have been acknowledged simply by the kinship from the male line. Among the many maternal mothers, the newest mom’s brother enjoyed high esteem, who’d liberties and you may requirements on the nephews – the sister’s people. Which manifestation of avunculata is good relic off ancient neighborhood relations. This type of stays were Mongolian kinship words, which reflect the current presence of the previous Mongolian kinship group program. All these terms identifies a solely discussed category of mothers. Thus, all Mongolian people change from each other into parents and youngest, well known moms and dads on the men lineage, rather paternal moms and dads (out of avkga) and you will well-known mothers on the mother’s front side (nagats). The fresh dad’s name is etzeg. The phrase “avkga” is called the brother of your father otherwise an effective paternal uncle (avkga s) or a sister or cousin out-of their father (avkga) and you will granny off their father (avkga hein). Pregnancy is named nagac. New maternal father is nagats ah, sibling out of his mommy – nagats EGCH, maternal granny – nagats Ah, the brand new maternal pops – nagats Av.

The guy calculated the connection amongst the year of the groom’s beginning as well as the year of bride’s beginning, in line with the several-seasons animal stage

From the new progressive period, the education out of Mongolian girls has changed: it has attained equality from liberties having boys, possesses filled an extensive road off effective involvement within the the nation’s financial, political and societal existence. Dated life style, for example groves, an such like., are entirely got rid of. The new registration of marriage ceremonies is completed by public regulators.

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